District Overview

The Sixth Judicial District (6JD) covers a six county area in Iowa (Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Tama).The 6JD had its early beginnings in March of 1973 with the Community Court Services Project, funded by a Law Enforcement Assistance Administration grant.The Project resulted in three integrated programs: pretrial release on recognizance, pretrial release with supervision, and probation services.

In July 1977 Chapter 905 of the Code of Iowa went into effect restructuring Iowa community-based corrections.  Under the new law, a local Board of Directors supported by an Advisory Committee administered community-based corrections.  In 1983 the legislature created a separate Iowa Department of Corrections, but transferred parole and work release administration to local control, under the 6JD.

William G. Faches Center
951 29th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids

Dedicated in May 20, 1992
The Faches Center houses administrative offices along with pretrial, probation and parole services.

In FY’21, the 6JD served 7,486 unduplicated offenders. Four facilities are now in place in the 6JD, with a total bed capacity of approximately 250 offenders. There were 81 employees in 1983; as of June 30, 2021, we had 172.80 FTE employees. While we continue to provide the services specifically required by the Code of Iowa, the 6JD also prides itself in keeping up with evidence-based practices, as well as being innovative with our service delivery.